Moscow Campaign

Strike and CounterStrike, September 1941

Screenshot of a game of Moscow Campaign in progress.

The Moscow Campaign is a simulation of the historical events of the German offensive in September and November toward Moscow, and the Soviet counter-offensive in December. Also simulated are several of the other possibilities in the German forces that could have occurred had circumstances been different. There are three basic scenarios, based on the September November and December offensives. These have different starting points in time, and may last just that month, or extend beyond it.

To play this game

Number of Hexes: 1666
Number of Units: 390
Number of Game Turns: 31
Designer's Notes
Terrain Effects Chart
Combat Results Table
Unit Summary
Unit Images
Moscow Campaign Game Map
Hot Seat Mode
All players can complete the first two turns in Hot Seat mode. Only members can complete the whole game in hot-seat mode or against other HexWar members
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