Operation Olympic

The Invasion of Japan, 1 November 1945

Screenshot of a game of Operation Olympic in progress.

Operation Olympic is a hypothetical simulation on a regiment-brigade level of the planned invasion of Japan in November 1945. The 'Olympic' invasion against Kyushu, the southernmost of the Japanese Home Islands, was planned to secure a base for Operation Coronet, a follow-up invasion which was scheduled to be launched against the principal Home Island, Honshu, in March 1946.

As the Japanese were committed to a strict operational plan organized around the theme of an aggressive beach defense, the basic version of Operation Olympic is a solitaire game in which a single Player controls both of the opposing forces. During solitaire play, the Player should alternately direct each opposing force so as to maximize the ability of each force to fulfill its particular Victory Conditions. In doing this, the Player will have complete control over all of the American units while the Japanese units will be greatly restricted by the Japanese Doctrine Rules. To as great a degree as possible, the Japanese Doctrine Rules prescribe how and when Japanese units move and participate in combat. The Japanese Doctrine Rules attempt to fill the role of the absent Japanese Player. They also help to introduce some of the uncertainty and competitive atmosphere heretofore missing in solitaire games.

The solitaire version of the game is not be availble via HexWar.net.

Number of Hexes: 2,074
Number of Units: 122
Number of Game Turns: t.b.a
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