The Incomplete Victory, June 16, 1815

Screenshot of a game of Ligny in progress.

June 1815 finds a triumphant, but beleaguered Napoleon again on the throne. Napoleon is outnumbered and virtually surrounded; his only chance to maintain the throne and the position of France is to gain a significant military victory. To succeed against these over�whelming odds, Napoleon boldly decides on an offensive designed to destroy two of his opponents and drive the English from the continent. At the field of Ligny, the Prussian I, II and III Corps concentrated to face the French invaders. The day is hot and Napoleon does not move decisively until 2:00 P.M.; he awaits the arrival of D'Erlon's Corps. The Prussian forces are ensconced in extremely strong positions along the Ligny Creek and in the several towns in the area. Napoleon waits until late in the afternoon to launch a concerted attack by the Imperial Guard and the IV Corps, which drives the Prussians back in disarray. The Prussians are badly hurt and Napoleon is convinced that they are out of the campaign; but it is not the decisive defeat that Napoleon had hoped for.

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Number of Hexes: 986
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Number of Game Turns: 8
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