La Belle Alliance

The Battle of Waterloo, June 18, 1815

Screenshot of a game of La Belle Alliance in progress.

After pursuing Wellington's Anglo-Allies and being sure that they had indeed stopped and taken up positions, Napoleon bivouacs in front of the low ridge which cuts across the Brussels road near La Belle Alliance, where he makes his headquarters. Dawn finds the ground too wet for operations and it is not until noon that Napoleon launches his preliminary attack to clear the chateau of Hougomont. Napoleon's plan is not elegant. He pushes directly up the road toward Waterloo and Brussels to break the back of Wellington's army. Again and again, French infantry and cavalry combine in attacks against Wellington's extremely strong position. Now the battle reaches a climactic pitch when the French Old Guard assault the wavering center of the British line. But the Guard is repulsed, sent reeling back by a blast of British musket and artillery fire. The French Army breaks, and begins its long retreat to Paris. The most decisive campaign in European history has ended.

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Number of Units: 99
Number of Game Turns: 8
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