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First Bull Run

July 21, 1861
Exclusive Rules


[15.0] First Bull Run

South Carolina state troops evicted the federal garrison of Fort Sumter in April, 1861. Three months later, a Union army led by Irwin McDowell invaded Virginia, to be met near Manassas Station by the combined Confederate armies of Joseph E. Johnston and Pierre G.T. Beauregard. Though both sides hoped to end the war in a single day, the confused afternoon's fight ended in a Yankee retreat that was only the start of four years of bloody warfare.


The game lasts 8 turns. The Union player is the first player.

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[15.2] Set Up


[15.3] Reinforcements

There are no reinforcements for either side.

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[15.4] Special Rules


No Confederate units may move until turn three or a Confederate unit has been attacked, which ever comes first.


No unit may stack with Runyon's division (which has two icons). Runyon's division may not move until a Confederate unit has crossed Bull Run.

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[15.5] Rout and Victory

At the end of each game-turn, each player rolls the die. Each adds one to the result for each of his units which has been rendered ineffective (10.0) and two for each of his units which has been eliminated. If the result is 17 or more, his army has fled the battlefield. Play stops and his opponent has won the game. Note that both armies may rout on the same turn; if this happens, the result is a draw.

If neither army routs, the player whose units occupy or were the last to pass through both Groveton (hex 1207) and New Market (hex 0813) wins the game. Any other result is a draw.

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